CPD - 7 Hours

Next Course - 28 Sep 2024

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Course Overview

The ortho-restorative course teaches dentists how to deliver a complete solution to their patients by combining their existing orthodontic experience with restorative and aesthetic dentistry. This course is perfect for those who have taken one of our orthodontic courses and have experience in treating their patients with the Inman Aligner, clear aligners or fixed braces. For dentists with less experience we would advise you take the two day ABB course where orthodontics with Inman and clear aligners are covered on day one. The methods taught focus on providing safe and ethical dentistry with delegates learning everything needed to finish cases post-orthodontics and be able to ensure long-term stability and function.

What Is The Format Of The Course?

Program morning
Theory & Hands-on
  • Anterior functional planning landmark points
  • Simple edge bonding and polishing
  • Aesthetic tooth shaping
  • Guidance - envelope of function & orthodontics
  • Advanced retention management
  • Changing your everyday examination
Program afternoon
Theory & Hands-on
  • Landmark points
  • Simple edge bonding & polishing
  • Aesthetic tooth shaping
  • Dahl Principle - the science & evidence
  • Advanced patient diagnostics
  • Bleaching protocols

Course Benefits

  • Integrate restorative dentistry with orthodontics
  • Life-long mentoring with every case included
  • Learn which cases to avoid & when to refer
  • Learn how to provide dentistry that lasts
  • Clinical support & governance to keep you clinically safe
  • Learn the theory behind The Dahl Principle, including its uses and limitations
  • Provide beautiful, simple and replicable edge bonding using the reverse triangle technique
  • Polishing composites to significantly increase their life span
  • Hands-on experience 'Dahling' a fixed bonded retainer
  • Communicate with patients properly, allowing them understand the benefits of minimally invasive dentistry



Upcoming Course Dates

28 Sep 2024
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08 Feb 2025
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Meet the Lecturers

Tif Qureshi

Tif Qureshi

Dr Tif Qureshi qualified from Kings College London in 1992. He is a Past President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Tif is founder and a clinical director of IAS Academy, an International faculty that provides mentored education for general dentists on a pathway from appropriate simple to comprehensive orthodontics.

Tif has a special interest in simple orthodontics and truly minimally invasive dentistry. He has committed his life’s work to empowering dentists to provide important alternative techniques. He offers a wide variety of treatments to many more patients, while always respecting the fundamental precepts of orthodontics.

Tif also pioneered the concept of Progressive Smile Design through Alignment, Bleaching, Bonding – a course that combines tooth alignment, composite bonding and teeth whitening to produce superior smiles using techniques with the absolute minimum of invasiveness available today.

An experienced teacher in the Dahl concept, Tif shows how this technique is used to plan tooth alignment and minimise invasive dentistry in the development of a beautiful smile.

Tif now lectures and published scientific articles internationally.

  • Qualified from Kings College London in 1992
  • Past President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Pioneered the concept of Progressive Smile Design through Alignment, Bleaching, Bonding
  • An experienced teacher in the Dahl concept
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Guy Wells

Guy Wells

After graduating from Newcastle University in 2005, Dr Guy Wells pursued his passion for dentistry by completing his MFGDP qualification. 

​Over the years, Guy has taken extensive courses in restorative dentistry, occlusion, and endodontics. He has also sought out knowledge from leaders in various fields of dentistry to refine his expertise further.

In 2008, Guy completed the IAS Advanced Course, and in 2021, he was honoured with the opportunity to teach for IAS in the ABB course. Guy also teaches composite placement, rubber dam isolation, and matrices for the Northern Deanery.

From 2009 to 2018, Guy was a partner in a group of practices before taking on the role of Clinical Director as the group expanded. He now works across two sites in North Yorkshire, primarily focusing on private restorative and orthodontic treatments. Additionally, he has been a long-standing Educational Trainer for Dental Foundation Training.

  • Dental foundation trainer
  • Northern Deanery educator
  • MFGDP qualified


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