Sales & Communication Mastery for Dentists & TCOs
United Kingdom

Sales & Communication Mastery for Dentists & TCOs


CPD - 7 Hours

Next Course - 04 Oct 2024

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Join marketing scientist Prav Solanki for a one-day non-clinical course demonstrating joined-up sales, marketing and communication strategies for dentists, TCOs and their teams.

An effective patient acquisition and retention strategy is the cornerstone of any successful practice. However, strategies are often developed ad-hoc with little cooperation between clinicians and support teams.

Sales and Communication Mastery provides an advanced set of tools that dentists and TCOs can use to collaborate on boosting sales, marketing and communication.

Using simple, actionable hacks gleaned over a decade at the helm of a successful group of practices and leading dental growth agency, marketing scientist Prav Solanki gives teams fresh insight and inspiration for their leadership role in practice development.

The result is a unified, practice-wide approach to patient communication that sees support staff working hand-in-hand with clinicians on workflows in which patient acquisition and retention are second nature.

This non-clinical course does not contain content on scanning, taking photographs or patient consent.


Syllabus Highlights

  • TCO workflows and models
  • Teamwork, development and communication
  • Approaches to clinical communication
  • Mapping the patient journey
  • Advanced consultation protocols
  • Advanced and video treatment plan presentations
  • Overcoming objections
  • Follow-up and post-consultation workflows
  • Emails, SMS, Whatsapp, and voice note comms
  • Articulating USPs
  • Gaining and leveraging reviews, video testimonials and social proof
  • Generating marketing materials
  • Measuring impact

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04 Oct 2024

Meet the Lecturers

Pravesh Solanki

Pravesh Solanki

Following a post-medical PhD at Oxford University in 2006, Prav Solanki was destined for big things in scientific research.

But all that changed when his brother asked for help launching a new dental practice, and Prav caught the marketing bug.

He now applies a scientist’s eye to marketing as founder and director of The Fresh —one of the UK’s leading growth agencies for the dental and healthcare sectors.

Prav is also the owner of several successful dental and implant clinics and healthcare brands. 

His lively keynote talks on practice growth and marketing have been a hit with audiences at events, including the ADI Team Congress, the BACD conference, the Dental Technology Showcase, and many more.

  • 16+ Years Experience In Dental Business
  • Experience in Growth & Exit Strategies
  • Director Of The Fresh Growth Agency
  • Founder of Leadflo Dental CRM
  • Multi-practice Owner
  • Business & Life Coach
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