Phone School with Prav Solanki
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Phone School with Prav Solanki


CPD - 7 Hours

Next Course - 17 May 2024

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Sales-Call Success

In the age of instant messaging and social media, it’s easy to forget about one of the most effective and time-tested relationship builders available.

Every clinic has a telephone. But, call-led sales can be a taboo subject that puts teams in mind of high-pressure sales techniques. 

In reality, telephone calls are a fundamental cornerstone of trust-based patient relationships that can make or break the patient journey.

10K Calls and Counting...

In Phone School, marketing scientist and multi-practice owner shares insight and wisdom gained from analysing more than 10K real-life telephone calls to you through simple, actionable strategies for sales-call success.


Get In the Hot Seat

Using analysis of real recorded conversations and live ‘mystery patient’ calls to delegates’ practices, Prav demonstrates the ingredients for sales-call success using practicable, real-world examples.

He reveals the techniques that turn phone calls into a conversion powerhouse for case acceptance and shows how you can use them to drive a team-wide strategy for improving patient journeys and driving case acceptance.


Who is This Course For?

Prav’s Phone School is a non-clinical course designed for all team members whose role involves talking with patients over the phone. 

Training is suitable for clinicians, front-of-house staff, nurses and TCOs, and teams are invited to train together in pursuit of kickstarting a practice-wide strategy for sales call success.

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  • Designing a phone workflow
  • Earning trust - stepping into the patient’s shoes
  • Choosing your ideal phone candidate
  • Face-to-face communication principles for the phone
  • Building product knowledge
  • The golden rules of sales calls
  • Structuring your Calls
  • Training your team
  • Tracking call quality
  • Your recorded call reviews
  • Live ‘mystery patient’ calls and analysis

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Meet the Lecturers

Pravesh Solanki

Pravesh Solanki

Following a post-medical PhD at Oxford University in 2006, Prav Solanki was destined for big things in scientific research.

But all that changed when his brother asked for help launching a new dental practice, and Prav caught the marketing bug.

He now applies a scientist’s eye to marketing as founder and director of The Fresh —one of the UK’s leading growth agencies for the dental and healthcare sectors.

Prav is also the owner of several successful dental and implant clinics and healthcare brands. 

His lively keynote talks on practice growth and marketing have been a hit with audiences at events, including the ADI Team Congress, the BACD conference, the Dental Technology Showcase, and many more.

  • 16+ Years Experience In Dental Business
  • Experience in Growth & Exit Strategies
  • Director Of The Fresh Growth Agency
  • Founder of Leadflo Dental CRM
  • Multi-practice Owner
  • Business & Life Coach
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