Basics of Occlusion
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Basics of Occlusion


CPD - 14 Hours

Next Course - 11 Oct 2024 - 12 Oct 2024

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Course Overview

Dental school gave you a 3-hour lecture on Occlusion and ALL IT HAD was textbook definitions…and we still can’t figure out what centric relation is or why none of your patients in your clinic are ACTUALLY in canine guidance... THIS COURSE is the real-world DAILY application of Occlusion. Screw the definitions, let’s learn occlusion PROPERLY! This course, "Basics of Occlusion Live and Hands On" assumes zero prior knowledge of Occlusion. The course is taught by Dr Jaz Gulati and Dr Mahmoud Ibrahim - their unique 'Tangible' philosophy ensures that every concept taught translates directly into improved dental care and enhanced patient outcomes.

They truly believe that every patient should be graded according to their ‘occlusal risk’, just like we already do for caries and periodontal disease. Over the course of two days, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of occlusion, starting with thorough examinations and risk assessments. Identifying whether a patient is at high or low occlusal risk is crucial for devising effective treatment plans tailored to their needs.

From fillings to crowns, onlays to veneers, and class IVs to edge bondings, you'll learn techniques to ensure the durability and success of your dental work. Whether it's addressing frequent chipping of front tooth fillings or recurrent fractures in back teeth, we'll share our strategies for minimizing adjustment time and maximizing treatment predictability.

Our approach to the basics of Occlusion is rooted in years of experience, study, and innovation. Our mission is that after these 2 days of training, the word ‘Occlusion’ will no longer give you palpitations. Instead, you will smile and practice every skill that we will teach you.

What Is The Format Of The Course?

Day 1
Day 1
  • Function vs Parafunction: What is the difference, and how do we account for both of these in our restorative design?
  • Five Occlusal Positions: We will breakdown occlusion into five key positions to simplify the treatment planning process.
  • Articulating Paper and Shimstock: Lets understand how to use these critical tools effectively and efficiently.
  • Fremitus Assessment: Learn how to assess fremitus and its significance in day-to-day dentistry, particularly in anterior dentistry when lengthening anterior teeth.
  • Basic Occlusal Examination: Learn how to conduct a thorough occlusal examination in an efficient manner, which will allow you to identify occlusal issues and develop appropriate treatment plans.
  • Risk Assessment: Occlusal risk assessment based on examination findings and patient desired outcomes helps prioritise treatment goals and interventions.
  • Biomechanics and Mutually Protected Occlusion: Understanding the biomechanics of occlusion is essential for deciphering the rationale for a mutually protected occlusion, where forces are distributed favourably.
  • Conformative Dentistry: Excelling in day-to-day dentistry involves mastering basic occlusal principles to ensure predictable outcomes, then building the skills necessary for more complex procedures.
  • Hands-On Exercises: Practical exercises focusing on basic occlusal records and restoration techniques, including posterior indirect restorations, help reinforce learning and improve clinical skills.
  • Lab Considerations and Communication: Understanding lab considerations and conveying occlusal requirements ensures optimal outcomes for the patient. 
Day 2
Day 2
  • Envelope of Function: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the envelope of function and how it influences treatment planning.
  • Identifying Red Flags: Develop the ability to identify red flags indicating when a conformative approach may not be suitable for a particular case.
  • Wear Pattern Recognition: Acquire the essential skill of recognizing different wear patterns and assessing associated patient risk. Learn appropriate strategies to mitigate risks associated with each pattern.
  • Next-Level Conformative Dentistry: Explore advanced techniques in conformative dentistry tailored for patients who may not be ready for comprehensive care or full mouth rehabilitation.
  • Last Tooth in the Arch Syndrome (LTITA): Ever prep a 2nd molar and ‘lost’ all the occlusal space? Understand how to predict the consequences of LTITA.
  • Lengthening Teeth: Many patients seek us for cosmetic improvement, and whether you do veneers or composite bonding, lengthening anterior teeth can carry a risk of chipping or fracture. We’ll share our renowned “Unchippable” philosophy,  focusing on techniques for safely lengthening upper anterior teeth.
  • Canine Risers: Explore the concept of canine risers and learn when and how to perform them.
  • Occlusal Appliances: Recognize the importance of occlusal appliances in protecting both your dental work and the patient's natural dentition.
  • Post-Orthodontic Occlusion Principles: Gain insights into post-orthodontic occlusion principles and their implications for restorative dentistry. No other Occlusion course talks about Occlusal adjustments after aligner therapy in adults!
  • Hands-On Exercises: Participate in hands-on activities focused on lengthening teeth, creating canine risers, and adjusting opposing teeth for longevity. 

Course Benefits

  • What does ‘checking the occlusion’ ACTUALLY mean!? The entire protocol is spelled out in every daily scenario.
  • What is an ‘occlusal prescription’ for a single or multiple crowns?
  • HOW should you adjust a high spot on a composite restoration or a crown?
  • What if the crown that comes back from the lab is SHY of the bite? Is that a problem?
  • How (and WHY) to check lateral excursions and their careful adjustment.
  • What’s the point of an extra-oral exam in relation to the occlusion?
  • What is the ‘envelope of function’ and how to check it for your patient?
  • When is it safe to lengthen teeth? When is it a bad idea?
  • How can you read the wear patterns and how does this impact your planning?


Basics of Occlusion

Upcoming Course Dates

11 Oct 2024 - 12 Oct 2024
IAS HQ - Towergate House, Surrey, KT14 7LF
BOOK NOW - £1,425
22 Nov 2024 - 23 Nov 2024
IAS HQ - Towergate House, Surrey, KT14 7LF
BOOK NOW - £1,425

Meet the Lecturers

Jaz Gulati

Jaz Gulati

Jaz Gulati focuses on Ortho-Restorative Dentistry, Occlusion, and conservative management of Temporo-mandibular Disorders. 

After graduating from Sheffield University in 2013 with Clinical Distinction, Gulati completed Restorative DCT posts at Guy's Hospital and Charles Clifford Dental Hospital.

As a National co-lead for Dentinal Tubules Study Clubs, Gulati promotes learning among dental professionals. He lectures on 'Real World Occlusion' and Dental Splints, earning him the title of 'Occlusion Geek.' 

Jaz hosts the popular Protrusive Dental Podcast, which reaches dentists in over 150 countries

  • Graduated from Sheffield University with Clinical Distinction in 2013
  • General Dentist, focusing on ortho-restorative dentistry, occlusion, and conservative management of temporo-mandibular disorders
  • National co-lead for Dentinal Tubules Study Clubs
  • Hosts the Protrusive Dental Podcast, reaching dentists in over 150 countries


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Mahmoud Ibrahim

Mahmoud Ibrahim

Mahmoud Ibrahim graduated from Manchester University in 2005, returning in 2017 to complete  a Master's degree with Distinction in 2017. 

His clinical interests include reconstructive and aesthetic restorative dentistry, orthodontics, and occlusion. 

Throughout his career, Ibrahim developed a passion for Occlusion and has studied various occlusal schools of thought. He has formulated his own ideas on the subject, which he brings to life when lecturing on 'Real World Occlusion' alongside Jaz Gulati

  • General Dentist with a Master's degree in Restorative Dentistry from Manchester University
  • Clinical interests: Reconstructive and Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry, Orthodontics, and Occlusion
  • Gained Master's degree with Distinction in 2017
  • Lectures on 'Real World Occlusion' with Jaz Gulati


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