Fixed Braces (Level 2)
United Kingdom

Fixed Braces (Level 2)


CPD - 7 Hours

Next Course - 09 Sep 2022

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Course Overview

This single-day course demonstrates the management of mild to moderate overbite and overjet. This course will also teach attendees how to undertake a single tooth extraction. 

Delegates should attend IAS Academy’s Fixed Braces Level 1 course or another provider's introductory Fixed Brace course and complete at least five fixed-brace cases before booking this level-two course.  


What Is The Format Of The Course?

Program morning
  • Case selection
  • Extraction and space analysis for single tooth extraction
  • The biomechanics for single tooth extraction
  • Practical – placing PC across extraction space
  • Overbite – identification of skeletal overbite
Program afternoon
  • Biomechanics for OB reduction – use of NiTi rocker arch
  • Practical – placing NiTi RCOS archwire in lower
  • Overjet and buccal correction using Cl II
  • Biomechanics for OJ reduction and how to use elastics
  • Practical – placing hooks and elastics

Course Benefits

  • Understand and identify when an extraction is required
  • Understand how to manage space created by an extraction
  • Plan ‘simple’ extraction cases (e.g. lower incisor)
  • Understand and identify when to increase non-skeletal deep overbite
  • Use NiTi RCOS to achieve OB reduction
  • Understand and identify when Cl II elastics are required
  • Able to use CL II elastics to aid overjet reduction
Fixed Braces (Level 2)

Upcoming Course Dates

09 Sep 2022
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Meet the Lecturers

Ross Hobson

Ross Hobson

Prof* Ross Hobson BDS, MDS, PhD, FDS, MDOrth (RCPS), FDS (RCS Ed), FDS (RCS Eng), SFHEA

Ross graduated from the University of Newcastle, has Fellowships from the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Glasgow, Edinburgh and England. His MDOrth is from the RCPS Glasgow). He was the first dentist to be awarded the prestigious Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. His specialist orthodontic training was completed in Dundee. He has published over 60 refereed articles on Orthodontics, hypodontia, dental materials and education. He was appointed to the Chair in Orthodontics at UClan to develop part-time specialist orthodontic training in primary care.

1992 – 2009: Newcastle upon Tyne University, Senior Lecturer/Consultant, Head of Department and the MSc/ Specialist training program in orthodontics.

2004-2008: Chair of CCDAS (the BDA academic committee) and a member of the BDA Executive Board.

2010: He was awarded the BDA Fellowship in recognition of his work for the profession.

2012: He and his partners established Windmill Orthodontic Group, the North of England’s first 7 private multidisciplinary specialist practices

*Ross is a former retired professor of UClan.