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Next Course - 16 Nov 2024

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Course Overview

Practice Marketing and Growth with Zero Burnout

Join marketing scientist and dentrepreneur Dr Prav Solanki for an intensive and fun day of training that gives you an actionable plan for practice and personal growth.

Prav’s one-day Business and Mindset Mastery seminar is unique in combining personal and professional growth strategies—and recognising that a healthy work-life balance is key to achievement.

Prav takes you through a series of deep-searching goal-setting exercises and reveals strategies for meeting and beating targets without burning out. 

He shares a series of powerful marketing growth hacks for ethically gaining and retaining more patients, gleaned from over a decade at the helm of the UK’s most successful practices. 

Finally, Prav challenges you to put carefully designed plans into action with 90 days to transform your personal and professional universe.

What Is The Format Of The Course?

Morning Session
Course Introduction

Meet the rest of the group to share USPs and elevator pitches and take part in an inspirational thought exercise around goal setting and attainment.

Goal Setting and Growth

Define your outlook for the future by designing a personalised 90-day goal plan and discover simple, actionable techniques for realisation. 

Life Balance

Discuss and assess your personal, professional and business goals across seven key areas, taking in everything from health, wealth and career to downtime and recreation.  

Delegation and Time Out

Clearing and decluttering your mind from business - learn why it matters and how delegating the small stuff can help you achieve it.

Afternoon Session
Business Processes

Understanding your business processes is one of the foundations of practice growth. So take a deep dive into your operating procedures and discover how digital mapping and flowchart tools can uncover blind spots and help you understand the minutiae of what’s really going on in your business.

WOW Moments and Talk Triggers

We’re confronted with examples of customer experience every day - the good and the bad. Discuss what makes great customer service and discover nine proven WOW strategies you can use to gain and retain more patients.

Sales, Storytelling and Social Proof

Forget the hard sell, buzzwords and scripts you’re supposed to use. Stories sell and feel more natural—learn to use them for taking sales conversations beyond clinical findings, treatment recommendations and pricing.

The Buying Cycle

Understanding the buying cycle can help you convert more patients without applying pressure. Find out how to improve team-wide patient communication with conversations that recognise the buyer’s journey.    

The 90-Day Plan

Design a strategy for using Business and Mindset Mastery tips and tricks to take practice and personal growth to the next level over 90 days.

Course Structure

The day consists of some of Prav's top business coaching principles that are suitable for practice owners, associates and business managers.

The day starts with helping delegates to articulate their brand-voice, who they are and how to introduce themselves. Call it a high level elevator pitch. Selling yourself is key to selling your services.

Peak performance requires complete life-balance, something Prav has worked hard on and continues to do so. He shares his best strategies for achieving this followed by the key elements of what is needed for dental business success in a small workshop style setting.

Course Benefits

  • Investigate, assess and prioritise personal and business growth goals
  • Gain enhanced insight into your business processes
  • Explore strategies for improved work-life balance
  • Discover simple, actionable patient acquisition and retention strategies
  • Design and implement a 90-day plan for personal and business growth
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Prav was exceptional! Spoke clearly, allowed time for our questions. I have learnt so much more from an hour with Prav than any previous training I’ve ever received.

Ellie Walsh

Prav has been amazing. He has been generous , sincere,  professional and knowledgable about his training material. Really feel the passion for the job!

Dr. Gerald Tan

Excellent speaker - clear and concise with excellent messages that will make a difference. You can’t make it to the top alone, you need your team. The team will get superb training through Prav’s training and techniques.

Dr Duv Nar

Upcoming Course Dates

16 Nov 2024
IAS HQ - Towergate House, Surrey, KT14 7LF
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Meet the Lecturers

Pravesh Solanki

Pravesh Solanki

Following a post-medical PhD at Oxford University in 2006, Prav Solanki was destined for big things in scientific research.

But all that changed when his brother asked for help launching a new dental practice, and Prav caught the marketing bug.

He now applies a scientist’s eye to marketing as founder and director of The Fresh —one of the UK’s leading growth agencies for the dental and healthcare sectors.

Prav is also the owner of several successful dental and implant clinics and healthcare brands. 

His lively keynote talks on practice growth and marketing have been a hit with audiences at events, including the ADI Team Congress, the BACD conference, the Dental Technology Showcase, and many more.

  • 16+ Years Experience In Dental Business
  • Experience in Growth & Exit Strategies
  • Director Of The Fresh Growth Agency
  • Founder of Leadflo Dental CRM
  • Multi-practice Owner
  • Business & Life Coach
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